The Phoenix Club Uniform Consists of...

  • Phoenix Synchro Swimsuit - $70
  • Nose clip
  • Phoenix Synchro Swim Cap
  • Phoenix Synchro Swim Bag

All Items can be purchased from the Club

Please email Rosie Sutherland rosies.synchro@icloud.com 

Competition Club Uniform

  • Competition Swimsuits and Head Pieces - these vary depending on what events each swimmer is in. The club does have some competition swimsuits for hire.
  • Black long leggings
  • Black sports shoes
  • Phoenix Club singlet / tee shirt - thank you to Glowing Sky who support in sponsoring these items
  • Hair and Make up kit (The Head Coach provides detail list closer to the events on how the kit is to be made up)
  • Black Poolside Jacket
  • ILT Team Jacket - Thank you to the ILT for the generous support in sponsoring our team jackets.